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The Screen Dilemma

Need some fun ideas to give your kids their screen time and you a little down time?

Parents know that too much time on screens isn't good. We also know how grouchy kids can get when they have to get off of a screen before they are ready. But we also know that sometimes screens are just what we all need so that the kiddos can beat the heat and the mamas can get something done.

Here are some fantastic screen ideas for those time when we really need them.

Duolingo - this is our favorite app for some spare screen time. (we are Spanish teachers!) Kids can choose from a ton of languages and start learning Spanish for FREE! It is research based and you earn points and rewards from practicing.

The Magic School Bus - This TV series (both the old and the new) are engaging for kids up to 12 years old and teaches real science concepts in a fun and engaging way. You can find these on Netflix as well as your local library.

Prodigy - This math game is played online and is totally free! There is a paid version to get extra benefits, but kids can have tons of fun without paying a dime. This is a great way to get kids playing games and staying on top of their math skills.

Wii and X-Box 360 - These gaming systems have many active play options that keep kids' bodies as engaged as their minds. My kids love the Just Dance Kids game on the Wii and they are all worn out and sweaty by the time they are done!

Dance Mat Typing - this totally free typing program is super silly, super fun, and will have your kids begging to practice their typing! Our house knows all of the songs by heart!

This summer, when its too hot to be outside and the kids are begging for some screen time, you now have some great options that can make everyone happy!

One way to keep them off the screens and still having a ball is to enroll your kiddos in the CASA OKC's Summer Campamento!

This day camp will wear your kiddos out playing games, singing songs, doing really cool art projects, all in a Spanish learning environment! Check it out here!