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What can a backwards bicycle teach us about learning Spanish?

Why does it seem that kids' brains are so much better at picking up new things? There is a really cool concept called neuro plasticity. It is the idea that brains can change. And the kid brain is super neuroplastic.

There is a really cool video that makes this point here.

The cool thing is that this can totally be applied to language learning! When a child is born, they are capable of making every sound that the human can make. That is why those crazy babble coos and swquaks come out of that precious mouth.

But by the time that a child reaches 2 years old. much of that ability has been lost, and kiddos are only able to easily and naturally produce the sounds that they hear on a regular basis. And as they age, this ability to produce a wider variety of sounds than are normally found in their native language diminishes. They gradually become less neuroplastic!

So, what do we do? Well, if you have little bitty ones, make sure you play a wide range of sounds, including all types of music to your kids. Find songs in Spanish or French or Arabic to expose them to the various sounds that the human mouth can make, even if you can't speak a lick of any of those languages.

If your kids are big enough to go to school, don't wait another minute to get your child learning another language. There are so many resources out there for language learning including CDs, audio books, online programs, and best of all, individualized learning from a Spanish tutor or immersion class.

Don't wait to get your child started with a foreign language. Here in the OKC Metro area, we would love to help you! We offer small group conversational Spanish classes in a total immersion environment that can give your child the advantage in learning the second most spoken language in the United States!

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