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Can anyone learn another language?

We get this question a lot. This and others, such as "Am I too told to learn another language?" There are also so many other reasons that people don't pursue learning another language: "I just don't have the gift for languages," "I tried to learn Spanish when I was in high school, and just couldn't get it." But more often we hear how people wished that they could learn another language.

If you learned one language, then you can learn another! The human brain was created for communication and language, and although it is certainly true that some people have a greater aptitude for languages, everyone CAN learn another language!

It is very interesting how certain subjects are just OK to do poorly in. We would have no problem saying "I'm just not good at math," or "I never got Spanish." But you will almost never hear someone say "I'm just not a good reader...never really was my thing." At least not in educated circles.

Not everyone learns in the same way, and not every subject should be learned in the same way. Most of us learned English while babies, with very little effort. We didn't have to go to special schools, or have private tutors. What we needed to allow us to thrive in our native language was communication. We needed people to talk to, to listen to us, to correct our errors, and to model proper English. We needed understanding, not grammar and vocab drills, and we needed interaction. The same is true for learning a language today. Sitting in a classroom, memorizing vocabulary and verb tenses and conjugations may be easy for some, but for most of us, we can't learn a language out of context.

So, how are you supposed to learn a 2nd language? You have to surround yourself with it, be humble, and SPEAK IT! Ideally, you would put yourself in situations where you HAD to speak that language, and with people who were willing to help you learn. Will you be able to spend 5 minutes a day on a computer program and lean a new language? Probably not. Can you simply listen to CDs and repeat what people say? I doubt it. You will have to go where people are speaking the language that you want to learn.

Can anyone speak learn another language? Yes! If they are willing to do what it takes!

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