Our Instructors

Jenny Scott

Lead Spanish Teacher

After completing her B.S. in Industrial Engineering, Jenny moved to Guatemala with her family to serve as a missionary to the Guatemalan people for 10 years.  Before moving, she and her husband trained in language acquisition techniques, then applied that knowledge to learn Spanish on the field.  Jenny has extensive experience teaching children in both English and in Spanish, and  has developed and implemented curriculum in both languages.  She has also homeschooled her 4 children over the last 8 years, adding to her experience in helping children to reach their academic potential.  Jenny is passionate about sharing the gift of knowing a foreign language with the next generation of children.

Lead Teacher the CASA OKC

Kassandra Segura

 Spanish Teacher

Ms. Kassandra Segura has loved languages since an early age.  Everything started when she came to the United States and her mother did not speak English. She had to learn how to translate and interpret the language for her mother. Her passion for language and helping the community through interpretation grew. She earmed her associates degree at OSU OKC in Spanish Translation and Interpretation where she helped interpret for Spanish speaking patients at a free medical clinic. That was only the beginning for Kassandra!  In 2015 She received a Bachelors Degree in Spanish Civilization and Culture which she currently uses to pass on a love of the Spanish language to adults and children alike!  She has helped her community through a love of the Spanish language for over 8 years and is currently pursuing a Masters Degree is Spanish Neurolinguistics and looks forward to teaching at a college or university online as a Proffesor of Spanish