Our Curriculum

Expertly designed with your child in mind.

Reading wonderful literature, singing fun songs, playing games, painting and drawing and creating...doesn't sound like school, does it? At the CASA OKC, we believe learning is most effective when its fun! And learning a foreign language is no different. 

The CASA OKC uses Sonrisas Spanish Curriculum, which is a complete curriculum that is based on several proven strategies including Total Physical Response, the Natural Approach to Language Acquisition, as well as the Waldorf Language Learning Approach.   

There are 3 levels in our course of study. 

Level 1 focuses on developing an ear for Spanish, gaining confidence in speaking, and learning basic vocabulary, as well as appropriate greetings.  

Level 2 begins more complex forms of comunicating in Spanish, including interpretive, interpersonal, and presentational communication, as well as more involved reading and writing activites.  Your student will continue in vocabulary development and cultural literacy.  

Level 3 is geared more for the upper elementary and middle school where they learn more in depth vocabulary and grammatical structures that will enable the student to interact with their environment in linguistically appropriate ways.