Frequently Asked Questions

Why is this 16 weeks?

Learning a language takes years.  What we have seen is that when kiddos try to learn Spanish and they only try for a month, then they get frustrated that they aren't seeing as much progress as they hoped.  16 weeks: a full semester, gives more time for each student to become very comfortable with hearing and speaking Spanish.  But, if you aren't ready for such a long commitment, just choose to pay for the semester in installments and you can cancel any time!

What do I need to know before my child begins?

This is a 16-week course. It will be 95% immersion (more on that below!) If it's challenging at first, no worries – kids adapt so quickly! There is no assigned homework; however recommended practice at home will help your child learn  more quickly

How long does each Level take to complete?

Each level can take up to a year or more to complete, depending on the child's natural aptitude for languages, how much they participate in class, and how much time they spend outside of class practicing.  When a child has mastered a level, they advance to the next. And don't worry, we teach a lot at every level!

What happens if my child misses classes?

Every missed class is a missed opportunity for learning new skills and practicing old skills.  It is highly recommended that kids not miss any classes, but we also know that things come up, kids get sick, and trips get planned.  We do move relatively slowly so missing one class certainly won't halt your child's learning.  Missing multiple classes will slow down your child's acquisition of the language.

When will my child be speaking Spanish?

It takes a significant amount of time for a person to become fluent in any language.  Most adults need 6-8 months of intensive (4-6 hours) daily one-on-one immersion instruction to become totally conversational.  That being said, your child will leave their very first class speaking some Spanish, and our methodology will have your child speaking and understanding simple Spanish phrases and vocabulary in real world applications in just a few months!

What does this course look like?

The first day of class, your child will be given a few basic classroom rules and procedures  in English.  From that moment on, your child will be in a Spanish immersion environment where they will not be hearing very much English.  They will have circle time where they will practice phrases, calendar and weather vocabulary, sing songs, and listen to a story in Spanish.  There are always activities and an art project to accompany the lesson to reinforce what is being taught.  Then, parents will receive communication after each class with what their student learned and how they can reinforce the concepts at home if they choose.  The small group environments will enable your child to become more confident in speaking as they hear other kids make the same sort of mistakes as they are making, as well as be able to learn from others' successes.

Still have questions? Contact us today, our team is always ready to help!

How does Spanish immersion work if my child doesn't speak any Spanish?

Immersion is how every child learns their native language! It just means that the teacher will speak only in Spanish, using cues and motions and repetition to teach vocabulary - exactly how your child learned English. Of course, if there is an emergency, the teacher will speak in English!