Watercolor Paints

Our Method

The way we were meant to learn!

Think for a moment to how your child learned English.  When they were very tiny, they heard you speak thousands of times before they ever tried to speak themselves.  And when they did first begin to copy your sounds, they did so without any concern for the "correct" way to say it, much to your delight.  Finally, through constant interaction and feedback from you, your child began to really communicate, using their limited vocabulary, and eventually, through real life circumstances and conversations, became fluent in their native tongue.  It would've made no sense to have brought out textbooks and worksheets to try to teach your child English, as those materials are only useful for learning the mechanics of a language after the child already has an excellent grasp on using that language.  

The same process is essential in learning any other language, especially for children.  The written word is much more complex and abstract that the verbal word, and children, when engaging all of their senses, naturally broaden their linguistic capability.  

We at the CASA OKC teach your child Spanish in the most natural way possible: through interaction, music,  play, and  art, the same way that your child learned their first language.  All in a total immersion situation where your child will not hear any English during the course.